How can I participate in Lost Pet Finders to help other owners?

Please register with us for free. If you see a lost dog or cat, you may bring it to the nearest animal shelter and post the details on our site. Or you may simply send us as an alert regarding the breed, color, and age estimates of the dog or cat you spotted.


Is it free to register?

Yes. It is free and will always be free. Our membership program doesn’t require your payment details. Your information is stored for private use only, and we don’t share it for any other purposes.


How to order your printable flyer?

Register with us, and follow the steps on the email we will send you after the registration. You will receive the flyer via email or whatever communication tool you wish for us to send it.


Is it necessary to register even my pet has a microchip?

Yes. Microchips are great but do not guarantee success in finding a lost pet. It’s always good to have a backup plan.


How can I close my listing after I found my pet?

We are so happy for you. To close a listing, log in to your account. Click on manage my listing, and select close.


What if my pet was stolen, can you still help me?

If there is an intention to steal the pet, it would be difficult in getting the pet back. But registering your pet will still help alert the public and neighbors about the missing pet hoping to compel that individual to return it.