Trisha Hoefmans Amsterdam

My dog was missing for a week. I was hopeless and devastated thinking that I would never see Missy ever again. After I asked help from these guys, they found my pet in just two days.

Marc Huiberts

I could never be more grateful to the members who called me about my missing dog post. Registering my pet to this site has helped me alert my neighbourhood. I’m just so happy that nothing bad happened to him. I was worried sick.

José in 't Veld Rotterdam

I still remember those sleepless nights worrying the whereabouts of my cat Bella. She’s been with me for nine wonderful years. Thank you for bringing her back to me.

Alice van Pulper Maastricht

Finally, my wonderful dog has been found. We’ve searched so many places looking for him. If I had known about this site, it could have saved us from the agony of searching everywhere. These guys have indisputable systematic way of finding your lost pet. I highly recommend them.

Danny Verbeet Amsterdam

My faith in humanity is restored. Thank you for all those members who offered their help. You don’t have any idea how this simple act of kindness can impact someone’s life. She is more than a dog to my granny. I’m so happy to see her cuddling with her favorite pet again.